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69 Washington St.
Daly City, CA, 94015


Studio Hours


Mon – Fri:
Sun: Closed

Welcome to Spin Therapy


Spin Therapy is a boutique cycling studio that offers every rider an inspired, immersive, and music-driven fitness environment. We pride ourselves in the fun and uplifting Daly City community we have created and served over the last 7 years. Our studio features top-of-the-line equipment and performance tracking technology along with dynamic sound and lighting to create a rhythmic, high energy environment your body can’t help but keep moving to. We make it our mission to provide a rewarding workout through every beat, every stride, and every drop of sweat.


Whether your goal is to lose yourself in the music, outperform the rider next to you, or simply track the details of your effort, we guarantee that you will definitely earn your burn.


No membership required – we offer pay-per-class, class packages, and unlimited class options.
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Indoor Cycling

Our Philosophy

Spin Therapy is about letting go of the outside world, finding your stride, and climbing up that hill one pedal at a time.


Cycling Classes

We inspire to make fitness fun and to create an environment where all can succeed. You can expect great music, fun instructors, and a room full of people that will encourage and push you to a level you did not think possible.

The Team


Healthy Eating

Proper nutrition is pivotal in obtaining your fitness goals. Don’t waste your hard work in the gym with a less than optimal diet.